A range of parent ideas to help families understand inquiry based teaching and to provide activities and strategies fro supporting independent thinking and development of resilience in children. Undertaking the power of mistakes and risk-taking.

Due to the rapidly changing landscapes-of-living due to Covid-19, parents and caregivers are being asked to step up and support their at-home learners. 

Parents /caregivers have asked BCW for resources that will assist them as they take up this work. So here are some resources developed to help parents, caregivers and guardians build on their current real world teaching and leaning experiences by giving some strategies or ideas that class teachers might also use.

While at the moment most products are developed for printing we are working as fast as we can to turn these into more home-friendly resources.

We welcome ideas, suggestions and feedback. If you would like to contribute to our gallery of learning at home, please forward an image or comment to  beconwwiz@beconwiz.com 

LICENSE TO USE PRODUCTS Any products purchased from BeConWiz are purchased by you for your personal use and not for distribution or resale.

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