Units of inquiries that are cross and interweave subject areas and link to the PYP transdisciplinary themes. Popular and interesting elementary classroom topics and themes such as weather, transport, the arts, migration are just a few of the many include on this site.

  • Codes and Problem Solving Topics-  connected to scientific or social endeavour, research, numbers, alphabets signs, symbols forms of expression
  • Community and Identity Topics-  connected to people, cultures, communities, the arts and identity
  • Meaning Making and Expression Topics-connected to creativity, adaption, resilience and different forms of expression such as reading, writing, theatre, etc, scientific endeavour and understanding.
  • Natural Cycles and Order Topics- connected to life and living things, geology, weather as well as space and the solar system
  • Viewing the Past and The Future -Themes and topics that support inquiry into how and why things have changed over time and what might happen in the future

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