Analysing an app

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In order for learners to engage in the learning process they must be able to talk about the process, skills and perspectives they used or saw others use throughout the inquiry process.

Use these cards to help your learners discuss and explore ideas about who they are as learners and what they are doing during the inquiry process.

The cards can be used with younger and older learners. The pictures become the common language. The sentences are simple and can be easily translated or reworked by the students to reflect their own ideas.



In order for learners to become informed and effective users of new technology, they need to know how to make informed choices.

Use these cards to help your learners investigate how to make informed choices about the types of apps they use in learning. In the spirit of co-researched collaboration, student analysis of apps could help guide and inform IT choices both at school and at home.

These cards are great for introducing the basics of choice making in connection to ICT and technology choices.


This resource can be adapted to suit other areas in ICT learning. Please contact the BCW team if you would like to arrange an adaption of this resource.


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