Book Chat Cards- Blank



This resource is a blank version of the Book Chat cards. Teachers or learners can add their own questions to the printed cards. Each card is designed to support four levels of questions that aid students comprehending both explicit and implied information in a text. These cards are particularly useful for working with fiction texts.

There is a common picture prompt guiding students to focus on the comprehension information required. This resource can be used to support QAR frameworks and First Step reading strategies.

The cards focus on four levels of questioning

Questions that relate to information in the text

  1. ‘Right There’ information(Answer is in one place in the text or images)
  2. ‘Think and Search’ information (Answer relies on the reader connecting several pieces of information from the text)

Questions that relate to ideas held by the reader in his/her head

  1. ‘Author and me’ questions (Answer is not in the text, but can be developed by using text to self/world experiences and prior knowledge)
  2. ‘On my own’ question (Answer relies on the reader connecting personal experiences, knowledge and understanding with ideas in the text to develop a new idea or understanding)


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