Geometry In The Real World
Geometry In The Real WorldGeometry In The Real WorldGeometry In The Real WorldGeometry In The Real World

Geometry In The Real World Voucher



Geometry In The Real World Voucher

Geometry In The Real World is a text about exploring the role lines, angles and shapes in the real world. The book has images of space, objects and actions that involve geometrical thinking. The text is questions prompting thinking and discussion about the different aspects of geometry such as space, lines, shape and angles.

The “Geometry In The Real World” Flash media book about the role shapes, lines, angles and spaces have in the real world can be downloaded and shared on an e-board, or added to ibooks and read as a book. This book is password protected.

A flash media flip book that opens up opportunities to debate, explore and ponder about why we need to learn about geometry.  The book is presented through questions posed from different perspectives such as that of an artist, architect, archeologist and many more.

A PDF version of this book Geometry In the Real World is also available for download and printing.

Terms and Conditions: In purchasing this item, you are agreeing to only use it in one classroom. The password and link are for the use with a single class. If more than one teacher in a teaching team wishes to use this flip-book, they must either purchase their own book OR contact BCW team and negotiate a teaching team purchase of the product.


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