Poetry Is Everywhere
Poetry Is EverywherePoetry Is EverywherePoetry Is EverywherePoetry Is Everywhere

Poetry Is Everywhere


Poetry Is Everywhere

For children and young people being asked to write poetry can seem a daunting task.

Many children have the expectation that poetry will have to rhyme or be rhythmic and that this is the focus or purpose of writing poetry. It is important for children to see and explore the role poetry has as a form of reflection and expression.

Here is an exercise that makes writing poetry enjoyable, surprising and accessible. The focus is on the purpose of poetry rather than the mechanics of grammar and text features.

This exercise invites students to engage with the idea that they are poets, simply because they can see, hear, feel, think and reflect.

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Included in the resource:

  • Reasons for using the poetics process
  • The poetics process
  • Example process
  • Three badges for the different roles in the poetics process
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