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Rhyming Calendar Routine – “A” rimes


Rhyme Calendar Routine – “A” rimes

The rhyming calendar routine is one of several resources that support teachers using morning calendar routines to teach writing, phonics, grammar, rhyme and math. This resource is designed to support the modelled and guided word inquiries into words that rhyme.

The words in this resource are all based on common A rimes including ack, ag, ap, ar, at, air/ear/are, ail/ale, ain/ane and ate/aight/eight.

Included in the resource:

  • Ten sets of 5 day cycles with common A rimes/rhymes (Including VCC, VC, VVC, VCV patterns V= Vowel, C- Consonant)
  • Twelve “No school” cards
  • Inquiry cards for the A rimes on the calendar
  • Teacher summary of each week- matching pictures to rhyming words
  • Ideas for how to organize and use the calendar cards in a class morning calendar routine

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