Thinking Routine – 6 C’s



This is a slightly modified version of the original 4 C’s routine.

The 6 C’s include

  • CONNECTIONS: How are the ideas and information presented, connected to what I already know?
  • CHALLENGE: Are there ideas, positions or assumptions I want to challenge?
  • CONCEPTS: What understandings or ideas do I think are important and worth holding onto? What are the ideas I would want to share with someone?
  • CHANGES: What changes in attitude, thinking or action might be possible?
  • CURIOSITY: What ideas are new to me that I would want toknow more about?
  • CREATING: So what now? Are there any steps I want to take?


  • Pictorial prompts to support students accessing and beginning to use and understand visible thinking routines.
  • The picture prompts are reused in other resources to provide clues to learners who are new to reading or the English language.
  • This is a core resource for learners beginning to develop a common language of learning in the class community.
  • This is a step-by-step routine that can be printed on an individual card. This allows and encourages learners to become aware of the order and process they are taking when exploring a topic.
  • It can be used with very young learners right through to senior staffroom personnel.


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