The following terms and conditions must be agreed to before you may register for a given sales package:

Package Terms

People wishing to make purchases of individual products do not need to purchase a product package deal.

The following product packages are available

  • Bronze Package $49.99 entitles you to $55 of value
  • Silver Package $99.99 entitles you to $115 of value
  • Gold Package $199.99 entitles you to $240 of value

Schools can contact BeConWiz to negotiate tailored packages to suite teaching team needs. These tailored packages would be issued with an independent terms and conditions page, specific to the negotiations of each individual package.

By registering for a product package deal (bronze, Silver or Gold) of BeConWiz you agree to these Terms of Use.

Each package provides access to all BeConWiz resources within the given price range of the package and within the following conditions:

  • All intellectual property rights in the materials you download remain with BeConWiz.
  • BeConWiz resources can be used only as provided, no alteration is permitted.
  • BeConWiz resources may be used by you personally to teach your class of students.
  • Schools wishing to purchase or negotiate deals or personalized packages for teaching teams must negotiate the terms directly with the BeConWiz team.
  • Access to BeConWiz resources cannot be shared or on sold. You understand and agree that you will not share your product package access details with anyone else.

The product package fee will be published on our website. From time to time it may be amended.

No part of the product package fee will be refunded. The product package is payable for the specified download limits of each product for any period of time up to one year in duration.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase


The clipart purchased on this site may only be used for personal or class use. It can not be used in the production or publication of any materials, resources or other related goods that are to be sold onto  others or for commercial use.

Schools wishing to buy clip art for across school use or in school publications must contact the  beconwiz team for a price for this option.


Any products purchased from BeConWiz are purchased by you for your personal use and not for distribution or resale.

BeConWiz download resources are able to be printed for personal use by the purchaser (a given single educator) only. They can be used to teach your class of students, and are intended to be used in this way. Schools wishing to use product packages or negotiate tailored deals or teaching teams must contact BeConWiz directly and negotiate separate terms and conditions.

Any workshop or consultancy work will be negotiated and tailored to meet individual client needs and as such, the terms and conditions of such purchases or contracts will be issued and delivered in separate documentation.


BeConWiz use PayPal as the authorised company for accepting and processing payment.

Payment for products must be made in full before delivery/download.

You are liable for all shipping and handling charges.

If any taxes or levies apply in your place of purchase, you will be liable to pay that amount or an amount equivalent to those taxes or levies.


Download products are immediately available to holders of a product package of BeConWiz. If you have any problems with an immediate download, please contact us.


We provide no guarantee that you will be able to use school computers to download BeConWiz materials. We will endeavour to do our best to ensure downloadable material is accessible on a variety of computers, tablets or devices. If you are experiencing issues with download or printing of materials please contact us, so we can improve our service to you.


As subscribing to BeConWiz you agree to receive emails with our latest products or material added to the website plus any current promotions.

If you don’t want to receive these emails please unsubscribe from the bottom of the email or contact us and we will remove you.

Please note that certain system generated emails cannot be stopped.


BeConWiz will make every effort to ensure that all products displayed on our website are currently available; however, we may revise and/or discontinue products from time to time as part of our policy of ongoing product up-date and revision.

Revised or updated Products will have the functionality and performance of the Products ordered. The Customer accepts that BeConWiz policy may result in differences between the specification of Products delivered to the Customer and the specification of Products ordered


There are no refunds or exchanges available for materials that are immediately downloaded. If you have difficulty downloading any product, please contact BeConWiz for assistance.

There is no exchange or refund for products that you have decided you no longer want.

Any products ordered from our website and received by you will be exchanged in the following circumstances:

  • the product is faulty (please describe the fault); and
  • you return the product to us within 4 weeks of the date of purchase; and
  • you include a copy of your receipt with the product (delivered with your order or can be printed from your Account History if you are a member) ; and
  • you return the product with its original packaging

Please ensure your name, address, phone number and request for exchange or refund are clearly stated and return any faulty products to this address:

BeConWiz 93 Invergowrie Road, Invergowrie, NSW, Australia 2350

Refunds will be credited against your original method of purchase.

If you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions of purchase, please contact us.