The BeConWiz team appreciate the many complexities that surround the work teachers face in both national and international settings. As such we would like to provide a space for teachers to ask questions, seek professional supervision or collaborate on ideas.

We are an experienced team in both national and international settings. See our profiles for more details about who we are and how we may be able to help you.

Learning Support

Collaborating with teachers about how to support learners with particular needs in the learning community is a strong commitment of BCW.

BCW can share ideas about strategies; scaffolding and resources for students with specific learning needs. PLEASE note we do not offer student diagnosis or assessments.

Initial consultation is free and then a fee may be negotiated for on-going support.

Individualised resources can be developed by the BCW team and the time frames and cost will be negotiated on contact.

In-school workshops or educator-in-residence training can negotiated with the BeConWiz. Team. Fees and conditions will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Inquiry Based Teaching

Supporting teachers’ engagement with the inquiry based approach is a significant part of BCW’s purpose

We can share ideas with you and your team online or face-to-face. BCW can design bespoke resources and assessment tools that cater to your individual settings and needs.

If requesting a tailor made resource, we need at least three weeks to allow the collaboration, drafting and creation of illustrations and products. Costs will be negotiated on an individual basis.

We offer in-school workshops and educator in residence opportunities that are tailored to specific needs and education outcomes. Terms, fees and conditions will be negotiated on an individual basis.

Professional Supervision

Teachers often enter into their profession holding rich hopes a particular vision for their chosen work. Occasionally everyday working life and complex situations can start to take teachers away from these cherished hopes and purpose.

BCW offer online professional support and supervision to help teachers deal with the complexities and challenges of this teaching work.

Professional supervision, informed by a narrative approach is offered by BCW for teachers wanting to reconnect with the values; purposes and cherished hopes that have informed their teaching work to date.

A narratively informed approach to supervision/ consultation conversations will frequently address issues, of taken for granted truths, power, collaboration, and the structural and post structural frameworks we bring to our professional lives. Conversations are premised on the understanding that the teacher seeking consultation will hold a lifetime of insider knowledges and understandings about her/his chosen work and it is from this platform ongoing conversations will be launched from.

In-school support is offered for teaching teams or individuals dealing with one-off concerns during the school year. Longer term supervision/consultation can be provided online.
Terms, fees and conditions will be negotiated on an individual basis.