Dilemmas of Preserving
Dilemmas of PreservingDilemmas of PreservingDilemmas of PreservingDilemmas of Preserving

Dilemmas of preserving


Dilemmas of preserving

The Dilemmas of Preserving  is a text about the concerns and problems that might need to be thought about when people and organisatidonsare making choices about what could and should neb preserved and the impacts this might have on spaces, living things and communities. The book has images of places, events and objects connected to the possible dilemmas presented when people choose to act to preserve tangible and intangible heritage. Questions are designed to prompt thinking and spark debate and discussion. Questions include

  • What if preserving the heritage of one group means destroying the heritage of another group?
  • Could heritage be a place or object that reminds us of people’s choices that have hurt other living things or people?
  • Is it ok for museums to collect and display other people’s heritage without permission or if the artefacts on display were stolen?
  • What if something is not old, but people think that one day it will be important or rare. Should it be called heritage and protected?

A flash media version of this book Dilemmas of Preserving is also available for download and printingthat teachers can purchase and use on electronic devices. A voucher is required to access this flash media text.