Distance Learning Part 2

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What can learning look like
Rechecking Details

Distance Learning – Here are some more ideas to help your children learn at home. The post contains information about the different ways learning can look, in the classroom, in the real world or during distance learning.

EXAMPLE: If I was trying to set up a shop to play in, I might ned to look at pictures, talk to someone, to check what other things I might need in my shop. Sometimes when people are learning they need to go back and check old ideas for misconceptions or see if there are new possibilities.

Distance learning 2
Creative Thinking

EXAMPLE: If was going to build something or make something or write something I could use my creative ideas, to create something new and interesting. I can also use creative thinking to discover new ways of solving a problem. Sometimes when people are building ideas they can use creative thinking to explore and discover new possibilities or alternative ways of doing something. Creative thinking means making mistakes and trying to do things in new ways.

Distance learning 2
Critical Thinking

EXAMPLE: If I was making a cake or doing some washing to help out at home, I would might need to think critically about what ingredients to use or what ways to sort the washing. Sometimes when people are building ideas they can use critical thinking to find logic, gather evidence and analyse details.

Distance Learning 2
Forming relationships with ideas, places and people

EXAMPLE: If I trying to think about how to help people in my family or discover a new idea, I can think about the connections or feelings I have about different people, places, ways of doing things or ideas. Sometimes when people are learning they need to have a chance to form a relationship or develop a connection with an idea, a place, a person or a thing. Having a relationship with something helps people stay connected or feel safe to explore new possibilities.