About Us

Putting together pieces of the learning puzzle

Teaching resources that move Beyond Conventional Wisdom.

Our resources are designed to support student choice, voice and agency. The resources are ideal for all teaching styles, but particularly suited to inquiry teaching.

Our aim is to move beyond conventional teaching tools, consultancy and training by creating tailored resources, strategies and training opportunities that enable teachers to implement supportive, differentiated, challenging and innovative learning experiences.

 Interest  Prior knowledge  and interest connections Providing frameworks for increasing student engagement through prior knowledge connections and interests.

Agency: Voice, choice and being response-abledDeveloping scaffolds that support voice and choice in the learning process

Skills: Processes and strategies in learning how to learnSkills, strategies and approaches to learning that support students engage in the learning process and learn how to learn

Knowledge: Knowledge, facts and details Developing inquiry, discipline, subject and topic specific knowledge

Understanding: Concepts, big ideas and enduring understandings –Supporting learners’ making meaning and enabling learning to become portable across disciplines, time and place.

All materials on the BeConWiz site are shaped by the “© I ASK U” framework