intangible heritage
Intangible Heritage

Intangible Heritage

The Intangible Heritage book is a text that invites student to explore ideas and perspectives connected to the UNESCO intangible heritage criteria. The book is full of images that provoke the reader to question and wonder about what items, actions, language or rituals could or should be considered as intangible heritage. The text is questions prompting thinking and discussion about the choices connected to classifying intangible heritage.

Questions such as

  • Can heritage be alive and in action?
  • Can heritage be the way we represent ideas?
  • Can heritage be a choice about the way we live?
  • Can heritage be the way we say goodbye to people who have died?

To help the reader there is the visible thinking routine  “Circle of Viewpoints”

This book about ideas and perspectives connected to the UNESCO intangible heritage criteria and can be downloaded and shared on an e-board, or added to ibooks and read as a book. This book is password protected. Voucher must be purchased to access this flash media book.  

A flash media flip book that opens up opportunities to debate, explore and ponder about why people need to think about what intangible practices, ideas, celebrations, skill, etc should be preserved and protected.

The book is designed to spark debate, bring forward wonderings and explore perspectives connected to the UNESCO  heritage criteria. The book supports and encourages inquiry-based learning and visible thinking.

A PDF version of this book Intangible Heritage is also available for download and printing that teachers can purchase, down load and print.