tangible heritage

Tangible Heritage

The Tangible Heritage book prompts and supports discussion and  thinking and discussion about the UNESCO tangible heritage criteria and what people might want to think about when deciding on what places, spaces, objects and architecture should or could bee considered worth preserving for future generations.

The text is a set of questions prompting thinking and discussion about the choices connected to classifying tangible heritage.

Questions include

  • Is heritage a place or time where people shared ideas long ago or even now?
  • Is heritage a place that shows us how people made use of landforms in clever ways?
  • Is heritage a place where people created unique ways of expressing themselves? Or recorded ideas that were important in a group’s history?

The book uses the thinking routine “What Makes You Say That”  to support students thinking and discussions

The Tangible Heritage Flash media book  can be downloaded and shared on an e-board, or added to ibooks and read as a book. This book is password protected. Voucher must be purchased to access this flash media book.  

The book is designed to spark debate, bring forward wonderings and explore perspectives connected to the UNESCO tangible heritage criteria. The book supports and encourages inquiry-based learning and visible thinking.

A PDF version of this book  is also available for download and printingthat teachers can purchase, down load and print.