Ideas to support writing at home

Get a nice writing book and  write out some of your family’s favourite recipes with an adult to help you. Add photos and stickers that connect to the memory you have about this recipe or when you might have eaten this food, or who you have shared this food with.

Get a note book and become a neighbourhood spy. Make notes about all the things you can see as you spy the world around you in your neighbourhood. With your family think about, discuss and record some of the safety rules you must follow as you spy at the world around you. What creative ways can you think of to record the ideas you things you see, notice and infer about the world around you?

Get a folder and put nice paper in it. Add photos and write your memories about those photos. Ask other people to write down or draw their connection with the memories and photos you have collected and displayed in this folder.

Keep a dream journal. Record all your imaginative ideas and let it become your story inspiration book.