A range of reading strategies for younger readers.

Each picture is designed to prompt thinking about a comprehension strategy.

  • Choose the strategy that you need to learn.
  • Look at the picture that matches the strategy you are going to learn about.
  • Talk about what is happening in the picture an dhow this might be connected to reading.
  • Using these ideas, you can build an understanding of a reading strategy with some help.

What if...
In the story...
I wonder
I remember
Stop Think Share
Guess and Check
Who What Where
I Spy
Check In
Look & Talk
Picture Walk
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Using reading strategies

  • Think about why you are reading (For fun, to learn something, to relax, to explore, etc.)
  • Think about who you want to be as reader (Do you want to be curious? Able to read words? Able to understand what you read?, etc)
  • Think about how you want to read this book? (By yourself, with someone else, as a picture reader, etc)
  • Choose a reading strategy that will help you do these things.
PNG Beg Read Strat 1
PNG Beg Read Strat 2
PNG Beg Read Strat 3
PNG Beg Read Strat 4
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PNG Beg Read Strat 6
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PNG Beg Read Strat 12
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