Unleashing Learning- Welcome to 2016 and the Year of the Monkey

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Unleashing learning

Lantern sketches 2

Who’d have thought the time between September and now would have slipped by so quickly. Christmas for the team was very busy with family comings together and catchings up. Lots of movement across the globe, lots of celebrations and lots of tear filled goodbyes.

January/February 2016 however has seen a rapid return to work.

Carla has been doing teacher-in-residence work in Hong Kong, MD went to Asia to photograph for upcoming flip books and Pearl held the fort in Oz, baby sat the various dogs, kept summer gardens in bloom and frantically tried to keep pace with several streams of work, including BCW illustrations.

We are all playing with ideas for a presentation at the “Unleashing Learning” conference in Melbourne in March 2016. We are going to introduce the DIG and the I ASK U model, and have divvied up, between us, the areas we want to focus on during this workshop. Ideas are being bounced very high, juggled with, and slipped low and softly into the shared conversations, as we continue to find a lively balance for participants.

We have also been working with some outside consultants and our web design team to make the BeConWiz site flow more easily for visitors, requiring of the three of us time and energy in our particular areas of expertise. One of the suggestions from the consultants was to reduce the site’s front-page logo to make it a better fit for hand held devices. Take a look at the new logo and let us know what you think.

Right! Back to the workshop planning and decision-making! What gets to stay in and what has to be parked for later exploration?

Welcome to BeConWiz visitors to the Western New Year for 2016, the Lunar New Year and the year of the Monkey.