Concept Causation

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Concept Causation

Concepts are understandings that cross time, place and culture. Imagine that you had a series of telescopes or lenses that when you looked through them you would see the world in a very particular way. This is what concepts help learners do, see that regardless of disciplines or subjects all things are connected and can be viewed in particular ways … Read More


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PNG INQ DIC Inductive Teaching

ABC of INQUIRY – INDUCTIVE TEACHING ABC of INQUIRY – INDUCTIVE TEACHING  “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin Inductive teaching requires the teacher to position themselves as curious, a mentor and experienced practitioner. Learners are provided with scaffolded opportunities to explore, investigate and reflect on learning topics in order to construct … Read More


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ABC of Inquiry -Adaptive Thinking

ABC of inquiry – ADAPTIVE THINKING ABC of inquiry – ADAPTIVE THINKING: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” Einstein reminds us that learning not about recall and restating facts, it is about being able to use ideas to adapt and make changes that connect to problems and possibilities in the world beyond the class boundaries. ADAPTIVE THINKING: Survival … Read More

Exploring Differentiation

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Differentiation graphic

ABN 11 902 872 865         © 2017 – All Resources, ideas and illustrations are copyrighted When approaching teaching and learning through constructivist practices, one of the lovely things it makes apparent is that all learners learn and understand the world in myriad ways. In order to use constructivist practices effectively, a teacher must get to know how her/his different … Read More

Unleashing Learning- Welcome to 2016 and the Year of the Monkey

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Unleashing learning Who’d have thought the time between September and now would have slipped by so quickly. Christmas for the team was very busy with family comings together and catchings up. Lots of movement across the globe, lots of celebrations and lots of tear filled goodbyes. January/February 2016 however has seen a rapid return to work. Carla has been doing … Read More

Here’s to a new year….

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(M-D) I was thinking about the coming January 1st New Year 2016 and what hopes I might be bringing to BCW and its development over the coming 12 months. I was remembering a friend of mine talking about time he spent in NASA’s space program. He spoke of a social function that many dignitaries had been invited to and the … Read More

Welcome to the BCW book room

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Ahh, the sweet delight of books. We have added a book room to the BCW site; because book reading is something we all share. We were grown-up on reading and stories, and we delight in the treasures that books and stories reveal. I live in HaNoi in a tower of a house. It rises like a turret from its small … Read More

Team update…busy busy busy

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Well a busy couple of weeks have passed and even busier ones are ahead. We continue to tweak the website and overcome, understand, uncover (and various other prefixes) hassles on the site to ensure it will function easily and reliably. As we continue to appreciate this is no small task. Pearl has attended some Narrative training in Sydney about the … Read More

Spelling Bee – To be or not to be a communicator?

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Supporting communicators to become spellers. The act of communicating is a complex process of developing, sharing and receiving ideas. It takes many forms and is embedded in a multitude of spaces and serves various agendas. Being a communicator involves developing the skills, knowledge and understanding of the how, what and why of the different forms of communication. It involves developing … Read More

I ASK U – A model for learners to become active and resilient members of a learning community

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I was watching an ad for a program on Australian TV that was showcasing young students and their proficiency as spellers. I found myself a bit distracted by the concept and found myself asking the question “so what?” This question wasn’t prompted by a disparagement of the young spellers and their significant spelling skills or a disparagement of the parents … Read More