BeConWiz Vision

Beyond  Conventional  Wisdom

Teaching resources that move Beyond Conventional Wisdom.

All our resources are designed to be innovative and differentiated. Supporting student choice, voice and agency. They are ideal for all teaching styles, but particularly suited to inquiry teaching.

Our aim is to move beyond conventional teaching resources, consultancy and training by creating tailored resources, strategies and training to enable teachers to implement supportive, differentiated, challenging and innovative learning experiences based on their own and their individual school’s needs.
We have six main strands to our vision
  • COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS We aim to work with teachers and parents to develop and explore inquiry strategies and approaches to learning; we aim to provide professional supervision and support; We aim to provide differentiated resources  and learning support


  • STUDENT CENTRED LEARNING We aim to make visible the Who, WHAT, HOW and WHY of learning through our I ASK U framework; We want to support learning and inquiry that is purposeful and transportable; We aim to focus on developing agency and resilience in problem solving situations; We have a commitment to best-practice differentiated approaches and support for students


  • NARRATIVELY INFORMED We value and are committed to the co-researching approach to teacher-student relationships, involving the sharing of expert roles and contributions; We embed our work and inquiry approaches in respectful practices, paying attention to the politics and power that teachers and learners lives are held in; We are committed to finding ways to support teachers in their professional contexts


  • ILLUSTRATIONS and VISUAL LITERACY All our resources are supported by really cool and unique illustrations; We use visual literacy strategies with the aim that these illustrations can open up the opportunity for students to develop a language of learning that is relevant and meaningful to each student in their own context; All illustrations are respectful of gender, culture and ability and are developed carefully with this in mind


  • INQUIRY APPROACH All our resources are develop to support the inquiry approach with a focus on the learning process rather than the answer, in order to develop skills, understandings and attitudes that support life-long independent learning; We believe in and aim to provide strategies and resources that build on and are respectful of the learners prior knowledge, experiences, understandings and beliefs; We aim to support students and teachers collaboratively develop the language of learning, supported by visible learning strategies and routines and pictorial prompts


  • NEW MODELS and FRAMEWORKS At BeConWiz we believe that learning and learning processes need to be adaptive and ever evolving to meet the needs of learners and teachers in a variety of situations and as such we are developing several new models/frameworks to support all involved in the learning process. The two new models we have developed are the I ASK U model (I- Student interest, A- Agency, S- skills, K-knowledge and U-Understanding); Pozitioning Possibilities is a narratively informed approach to exploring practices that support the choices people make and the relationships people develop with ideas, self, others and places. It provides flexible and innovative opportunities for all in the learning community