Terms and Conditions

All clip art used in BeConWiz resources is unique and as such we retain the copyright to all images.

Clip Art Terms and Conditions

The clipart purchased on this site may only be used for personal or class use. It can not be used in the production or publication of any materials, resources or other related goods that are to be sold onto  others or for commercial use.

If you wish to use the clip art for these purposes, please contact the BeConWiz team so individual contracts can be negotiated and set.

Schools wishing to buy clip art for across school use or in school publications must contact the  BeConWiz team for a price for this option.

  • All intellectual property rights in the materials you download remain with BeConWiz.
  • BeConWiz resources can be used only as provided, no alteration or publication for commercial reasons is permitted.
  • BeConWiz resources may be used by you personally to teach your class of students.
  • Schools wishing to purchase or negotiate deals or personalized packages for teaching teams must negotiate the terms directly with the BeConWiz team.
  • Access to BeConWiz resources cannot be shared or on sold. You understand and agree that you will not share your clipart access details with anyone else.

Any products purchased from BeConWiz are purchased by you for your personal use and not for distribution or resale.

BeConWiz download resources are able to be printed for personal use by the purchaser (a given single educator) only. They can be used to teach your class of students, and are intended to be used in this way. Schools wishing to use product packages or negotiate tailored deals or teaching teams must contact BeConWiz directly and negotiate separate terms and conditions.

Any use of clipart in a workshop or consultancy capacity will need to be  negotiated and a contract tailored to meet individual client needs will be issued and delivered in separate documentation.

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