Migration- A Journey

A book about migration, about opening up discussions about the problems, possibilities and other complexities of migrating.  This picture book uses a visible thinking routine, photographs and quotes to stir the imaginings and wonderings about migration.
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When exploring ideas about human migration, one must be thoughtful not to categorize everyone who is moving from one place to another as simply a migrant.

Understanding the subtleties in the naming system of people who migrate is critical to developing a greater awareness and appreciation of who people are and under what circumstances they are moving.

It brings forward the choice and resilience practices that keep different groups moving and other groups from welcoming, resisting or being wary of change.

The reasons for migration play out in both the host and moving community’s lives in so many ways depending on why the move took place. Colonization occurred because of migration and the results for host communities were often devastating. Social research indicates that the best and the brightest do the migrating. Host nations often benefit dramatically when the brightest and best are included into to the nation. The migrant movement of the brightest and best also plays itself out in the home communities that have lost this group of people.