Plants are Important

A book about why plants are important.
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The book is designed to spark debate, bring forward wonderings and explore perspectives, support connections to prior knowledge and possibilities about plants. The book supports and encourages inquiry-based learning and visible thinking.

The conceptual understandings that guided the photo selection in this book.

  • Animals and plants depend on each other
  • Plants store the suns energy as food
  • Animals access and share this energy
  • Energy is transferred along food chains
  • All living things have specific characteristics and attributes
  • Scientists use attributes to classify and group living things -Classification helps make sense of a complex world
  • Diversity maintains life on earth
  • Specific attributes and adaptions contribute to survival
  • Plants have a life cycle
  • Humans use plants as raw materials to create products
  • Plants are living things and have needs that must be met in order for them to grow
  • Plants contribute to biodiversity which is critical for life on earth and are  important part of any habitat or ecosystem on land and in the water
  • Feeding relationships are cycles and include decomposers