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Back To School -Madeline Finn and the library dog

Each day we have been reviewing books that support different topics or issues in the classroom. We recently reviewed  ‘Madeline Finn and the Library Dog’ Written and Illustrated by Lisa Papp Published by Old Barn Books.

The review and suggested learning activity can be found in our BeConWiz BOOK ROOM, along with lots of other reviews in the Back To School section.

When we review a text, we always send the author and illustrator a copy of the review, to get their feedback and to ensure they too have a chance to have their say. When ew contacted Lisa Papp, she wrote back and gave us some of the back story behind her book. It is an interesting story and idea for  those courageous schools and librarians out there. Here is what Lisa had to say

“Oh my goodness. Thank you for taking the time to review Madeline Finn!  I really enjoyed the commentary, as I too feel that it is not just about learning to read, or perseverance, but really about going outside of the box in order to reach someone. I am ever grateful for the teachers and librarians who are open to these Read-to-Dogs programs. They make a difference!  I have yet to meet a librarian, with one of these programs, who hasn’t witnessed breakthroughs.  As a dog lover, you know they are masters at unconditional love. The kids sense that right away. And when they are accepted – just as they are – their resistance just fades away. It is so beautiful to see a child remember they are loved. From THAT space, learning comes naturally.

I never get tired of attending these programs. I am very lucky that my local library here in Quakertown PA hosts the program once a month. Most of the dogs in the book are the real therapy dogs that I have come to know and love.  Which is one more point….before the kids begin reading to the dogs, they always ask he dog’s name and the owner will usually tell a bit about the dog to the young reader. Here, the kids get to hear things like, “she was abandoned outside a shelter”, or “she had 3 homes before this one…”  Some of the kids also relate to these stories in their personal lives and they find such comfort in these dogs.
So, thank you ever so much again for reviewing Madeline Finn. I appreciate that your review may help someone start a program at their library or school.
All my very best to you!
Lisa Papp
PS. At the bottom of the review, you had a section on classroom activities. Wow. The apprentice/mentor board was so unique. How special for a child to be able to acknowledge their strengths – and where they need help. And to see that others also have strengths and weaknesses, and how that creates the perfect set up to help one another. Sheesh. Great idea!”