ABC of inquiry – AGENCY

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ABC of Inquiry -Agency

ABC of inquiry – AGENCY

ABC of inquiry – AGENCY: Education is not a tool for development – individual, community and the nation. It is the foundation for our future. It is empowerment to make choices and emboldens the youth to chase their dreams”.   Nita Ambabi’s words remind us that by supporting students to have and develop agency we are setting them up to become future creators and decision makers.

AGENCY:  The #1 learners detective agency
Agency is an action or intervention that produces a particular effect and outcome, particularly in a learners own life. Having agency enables people to engage, act and use learning in ways that are meaningful and relevant. People are clever creatures, they will find sites of agency in even the strictest of regimes, learners are never passive. Learning communities that embrace learner agency mean engagement is higher and the need to micromanage a class is greatly reduced. It means that learners are supported  to take thoughtful and deliberate actions that affect their own and others learning.
For a learner to have agency it means that they are actively involved in developing a community of practice and co-researchers in learning process. It means they get to share, develop, test and reflect on ideas in ways that are relevant to who they are at this stage of their learning journey. It means that learners are encouraged and able to respond and plan what they can do with their abilities. 
Agency can be scaffolded and developed through:
  • The WHO of learning 
    • Choice of group formation
    • Choice of learning buddies (Solo, pair or group)
    • Student nominated mentors
  • The WHEN of learning
    • Flexible ways of organizing time for tasks
    • Innovative ideas and structures for daily timetables
  • The WHERE of learning
    • Collaborative setting up of learning spaces
    • Flexible choices in learning spaces 
    • Open choice in where to sit/stand/ interact during learning
  • The WHAT of learning
    • Personalized or differentiated learning engagements
    • Collaboratively developed guiding questions
    • iTime inquiries
    • Student generated research topics
  • The HOW of learning
    • Valuing difference and variety in problem solving or research approaches
    • Personalized order for inquiry process or experimental task
  • The WHY of learning
    • Finding personally relevant connections or uses for learning outside the classroom
    • Letting personal experiences become launchpads for inquiries
    • Sharing curriculum outcomes and scaffolding experiences for learners to test and develop their skills and understandings in personally relevant ways 
  • Action
  • Active
  • Adaptive thinking
  • Agency
  • Anchor charts
  • Application
  • Assessment

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