Is it art?

Is it art?

The ‘Is it art?” book you are trying to view, requires a password to open it. To get this password you must purchase the following voucher.

A flip book about art. The book is designed to provoke a learner’s thinking, support connections to prior knowledge and experience about art forms, the expressive and meaning making roles art have and ideas about what defines art.

The book is designed to spark debate, bring forward wonderings and explore perspectives and possibilities about art. The book supports and encourages inquiry-based learning and visible thinking.

This is a flash media flip book. It can be shared with the students in your class and they can access it on their own devices so they can open the book at home an discuss ideas with family in their preferred language. It is a way of collaborating with parents in their own space, sharing the learning and encouraging discussion and thinking in different spaces.

There is also a PDF version flip book on this website that teachers can purchase as an alternative to the flash media version. The PDF version can be printed and shared with learners in your class.

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