Welcome to BeConWiz

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Welcome all visitors to the opening night of BeConWiz.

It’s four o’clock, a Friday and who would have guessed a BLUE MOON.

Tonight’s opening gig is a testament to 12 months of massive workloads, constant re-positioning, negotiating ideas across countries and inquiry based learning about how to turn our ideas into the reality of a very new business.

Remembering other Friday nights as full time teachers we thought tonight’s image says it all.

We have enjoyed, suffered, agonised, delighted, wondered, persisted with our plan but have just realised with tonight’s launch we have only just begun. NNNnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo!

The music Carla is currently listening to is Neil Diamond’s “I’ve Been This Way Before”. She is currently reading the current “Word Press for Dummies” guide.

The music Pearl is currently listening to is The National’s ” Bloodbuzz Ohio”. She is currently reading “The Greatcoat” by Helen Dunmore.

The music MD is currently listening to is the ABC’s “Foreign Correspondent – A Musical Journey”. She is currently reading “Ancillary Justice” by Ann Leckie.

Any comments or feedback on the site and its contents will be warmly received.

Right, off for a rum, a brandy and an apple cider to celebrate.