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ABC of INQUIRY - Assessment

ABC of inquiry – Assessment

ABC of inquiry-Assessment: Sylivia Earle, marine biologist and explorer, offers up words that help us see the role assessing the present has in creating a future we want. “Humans are the only creatures with the ability to dive deep in the sea, fly high in the sky, send instant messages around the globe, reflect on the past, assess the present and imagine the future.”

ASSESSMENT: You’re testing me…
Assessment is an ongoing process that helps learners adapt, make informed choices and be aware of what they know. Assessment can be used before, during and after an inquiry. It can be self-driven, collaboratively undertaken or used as an external measure of success.
Assessment can be as simple as using reflection questions that are generated and formed due to an experience or realization. Assessment can be formal, with criteria collaboratively developed or externally developed.
What is critical with assessment is that the feedback is timely, constructive and relevant.
Assessment can be used to activate prior knowledge, make visible new connections or understandings or to demonstrate an ability to apply new knowledge or attitudes to a given situation. If assessment doesn’t provide feedback to the learner that is useful, isn’t relevant to real world applications, or doesn’t allow for a learner to further develop an idea, skill, understanding or perspective then the need for that assessment should be questioned. 
ABC of Inquiry Assessment table 1

ABC of Inquiry Assessment table 1

ABC of Inquiry Assessment table 2

ABC of Inquiry Assessment table 2

ABC of Inquiry Assessment table 3

ABC of Inquiry Assessment table 3

Words to be explored in the A sections of our dictionary will include

  • Action
  • Active
  • Adaptive thinking
  • Agency
  • Anchor charts
  • Application
  • Assessment
  • Attitudes

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