Ask your child(ren) to help you collect the materials needed to create the collage. You and your child(ren) may even want to go on a walk outside in the garden to collect some of the materials. For toddlers and younger children, just let them experiment with different ways of sticking, joining and creating using the mix of materials. You will probably find that your child starts to add a narrative to the collage as they create it. Older children may want to create a specific theme or focus for their collage and then play with, materials as they develop or readjust ideas. The idea is not to create a ‘recognisable’ work of art, it is about stirring the imagination, learning how to manipulate materials and use tools.

Parent Tolerance/Energy Level Required

  • Medium to high
  • Do this on a day, where glue and sticky things are within your do-able range

  • Siblings or peers, can also be solo
  • Parents, remember not to eat glue

Indoors or outdoors


Glue, sticky tape, large paper, scraps of materials safe scissors, scraps of paper, found items and items or materials from the outside environment

Clean up

Moderate (Perhaps just a cup of tea to look forward to)