Muddy play is awesome, particularly of you are the child(ren) involved. It is great for developing ideas about systems, mixtures, cause and effect and fine motor skills. It is also great for the immune system. You will need a place where your child(ren) can add water to dirt and/or sand and begin to play. You may find that the play teat develops is driven by the materials and resources at hand, or that your child(ren) begin to adapt the ‘real’ purpose of a toy, to give it another role. This form of creative thinking is important in developing problem-solving skills and strategies.

NOTE – This is not a good activity, if you are stuck inside on a rainy day or have nowhere to escape to. Do not mistake the mud for chocolate during the clean-up phase.

Parent Tolerance/Energy Level Required

  • Medium to high
  • DO NOT attempt this if you have never done any other messy play with your child(ren).

  • Adult
  • Siblings or peers, can also be solo.
  • Lovers of mud (Potters will also be accepted)

Space or Place 

  • Outdoor in yard
  • It can be modified to a sand pit in a container inside (if you are game)


Dirt, water, sand, mixing tools and containers, toy cars, digging and scooping tools, sticks, leaves, etc

Clean up


A hose

Once clean, something to mindlessly entertain your child(ren),  while you recuperate.