Listening to and thinking about sounds is an important pre-step to becoming a proficient word problem solver. This is for three reasons:

  • First, it develops an awareness and ‘ear’ to listen to particular sounds. This is a key skill, where your child(ren) will be developing phonemic* awareness. This key skill will help your child(ren) listen and distinguish key sounds when they first attempt phonetic spelling
  • Second, it develops an awareness that sounds have an origin, a clue to what they might mean and how they might sound. This is a critical foundation for the more developed spelling skills that rely on word histories, rather than just sounds.
  • Third, it develops an appreciation for sounds, music, language in the world around us. It helps people develop an awareness of organic sounds and how they are used, as well as the expressive and creative element of being a meaning maker.

* Phonemic awareness is the awareness of distinct sounds

Some of the steps you can take to develop these three foundational skills and important awareness with young children can include: