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ABC of INQUIRY - Inquiry

ABC of INQUIRY – INQUIRY ABC of INQUIRY – INQUIRY  “What else should our lives be but a continual series of beginnings, of painful settings out into the unknown, pushing off from the edges of consciousness into the mystery of what we have not yet become, except in dreams that blow in from out there bearing the fragrance of islands … Read More


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ABC of Inquiry Constructivist learning

ABC OF INQUIRY – CONSTRUCTIVIST LEARNING ABC OF INQUIRY – CONSTRUCTION “Any human act that gives rise to something new is referred to as a creative act, regardless of whether what was created is a physical object or some mental or emotion construct that lives within the person who created it and is known only to him*” Lev. S. Vygotsky  (*Him is … Read More

An introduction to inquiry Part 4

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Co-constructing Learning spaces

Illustrations and Ideas © 2016 Connected to the card set “What can inquiry look like?” This blog post is dedicated to Alison Francis and Todd Richer, who invited me to consider new possibilities as a teacher while teaching their son in Prep. It was a steep learning curve, but I am grateful for the opportunity and the possibilities it offered me … Read More