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ABC OF INQUIRY – KNOWLEDGE ABC OF INQUIRY – KNOWLEDGE  ‘We [need to] challenge the concept of static knowledge, replacing it with developing or evolving knowledges that tolerate an ongoing relationship to, and exploration of, what is known and what is not known.’  The Heart’s Narrative: Johnella Bird. KNOWLEDGE: The story of the Known Knowledge is a fascinating idea that could … Read More

Spelling Bee – To be or not to be a communicator?

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Supporting communicators to become spellers. The act of communicating is a complex process of developing, sharing and receiving ideas. It takes many forms and is embedded in a multitude of spaces and serves various agendas. Being a communicator involves developing the skills, knowledge and understanding of the how, what and why of the different forms of communication. It involves developing … Read More

I ASK U – A model for learners to become active and resilient members of a learning community

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I was watching an ad for a program on Australian TV that was showcasing young students and their proficiency as spellers. I found myself a bit distracted by the concept and found myself asking the question “so what?” This question wasn’t prompted by a disparagement of the young spellers and their significant spelling skills or a disparagement of the parents … Read More