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ABC OF INQUIRY – CHOICE “Problems develop when people internalize conversations that restrain them to a narrow description of self. These stories are experienced as oppressive because they limit the perception of available choices.”  This Kathleen S.G. Skott- Myhre quote sums  up how all people in all communities need safe places and trusted people to help them make choices. Choice is embedded in power and we as teachers need to constantly review our relationship with power and how that plays itself out both for ourselves and for our learners.

CHOICE: Having a voice…
Choice is about having an opportunity and safe place to  have a say and a voice in areas connected to the learning community and community environment. Teachers’ choices are affected by the politics and power of the bigger school system and their own belief systems. Parents’ choiceare affected by their personal experiences at schools, family requirements and personal belief systems. Studentschoiceare affected by how visible power structures are in their learning community, their teachers’/schools’ belief systems and the amount of trust they feel exists in these interactions.
Choice is always tempered by age, understanding and experience. Choice is a causeeffect relationship; every choice will have an effect. The effect may be constructive and useful or lead to difficulties. It is critical that learners have opportunities, from a very young age,to practice choice making and to experience or reflect on the consequencesof these choices. Mistake making in safe environments with constructive reflections are a critical part of young choice makers becoming competent older choice makers.
Choice is connected to agency
There are many areas choice can be offered in a learning community:
  • WHO – Choices connected to grouping, paired or solo work made by the students, relies on teachers being open and trusting of students ability to make good learningbuddy choices 
  • WHAT– Choices connected tpersonally relevant learningrelies on differentiated options being available
  • WHERE – Choices connected the variety of learning spaces available to students, relies on teachers being open to the way learning spaces are organised and understanding that all people learn more effectively in different spaces 
  • WHEN – Choices connected to organising self in learning, relies on students developing skills in time management and  self-organisation,and teachers trusting in these skills and providing open learning times.
  • WHY – Choices about the personal relevance of learning and life outside the classroom
  • HOW – Choices connected to the tools, strategies and processes of learning made by the students 

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