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ABC of INQUIRY - Frameworks


ABC of INQUIRY – FRAMEWORKS “A conceptual framework is a ‘frame that works’ to put those concepts into practice” Paul Hughes

FRAMEWORK: A supporting structure…

ABC of INQUIRY Framework detail

ABC of INQUIRY Framework

A framework is a supporting structure that helps guide or underpin choices, processes, strategies and understandings in the learning process.  In order to provide a framework, the teacher or mentor has to have a rich understanding of the topic, subject, process or concept. This awareness of the small parts, ideas, how they fit and work togetherhelps to break down and make it possible for learners to access, deconstruct or construct their own understandings.

The key framework elements of inquiry are “Think, Act and Reflect”. By understanding these elements, the purpose of inquiry, and concepts such as deconstruction and constructivist approaches will enable a teacher or mentor to develop rich inquiry opportunities for the learners in their* care.

A rigorous understanding of a given framework enables a teacher or mentor to act carefully and quickly to adapt and respond to individual needs that arise during a learning process.

Visible thinking routines, such as those by Ron Ritchhart provide a framework that helps learners develop different patterns of thinking for different purposes. The Backwards by Design model by Wiggins and McTighe is a planning framework that supports the planning and implantation of learning that is related to curriculum, student prior knowledge and has a bigger purpose or outcome in mind.

At BeConWiz, we have developed the IASKU framework that supports teachers and mentors to plan and address all aspects and elements that impact on a learner in the learning process.

  • I – Interests (prior knowledge, agency and interests)
  • A- Attitudes (mindsets, positioning and attitudes)
  • S- Skills (skill development, strategies and processes)
  • K- Knowledge (content and subject specific facts and details)
  • U -Understandings (conceptual understandings that cross time, place, subject and disciplines).
  • We have also developed the DIG routine that enables all people of all ages to dig into the deeper political ideas and constructs that underpin many of the choices and ideas that influence our daily lives.Teachers and mentors use frameworks to plan, respond and reflect on the needs of their learners in order to create differentiated and relevantlearning engagements for each learner in their* care.*BCW will now use ‘They, their – themself’ as a singular, gender-neutral pronoun in all subsequent material generated on our website.
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