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ABC of INQUIRY - Frameworks

ABC of INQUIRY – FRAMEWORKS ABC of INQUIRY – FRAMEWORKS “A conceptual framework is a ‘frame that works’ to put those concepts into practice” Paul Hughes FRAMEWORK: A supporting structure… A framework is a supporting structure that helps guide or underpin choices, processes, strategies and understandings in the learning process.  In order to provide a framework, the teacher or mentor has to … Read More


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ABC of INQUIRY - Expert

ABC of INQUIRY – EXPERT ABC of INQUIRY EXPERT “We know what we think; we think we know what we do; but do we know what we do does?”M. Foucault EXPERT: To be or to know… Looking at the idea of expert might usefully be done using BCW’s DIG model   D -Describe what you see: Academic qualifications, awards, published … Read More

The many faces of failure

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I sit writing this among the clutter and chaos of children and adults packing to return to HaNoi after seven weeks of holidays. The dog has gone into a decline and is hiding under the bed, this is way too much drama for him. There is goodwill aplenty; noise at ear-splitting levels and the all available energy fast diminishing. It … Read More

I ASK U – A model for learners to become active and resilient members of a learning community

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I was watching an ad for a program on Australian TV that was showcasing young students and their proficiency as spellers. I found myself a bit distracted by the concept and found myself asking the question “so what?” This question wasn’t prompted by a disparagement of the young spellers and their significant spelling skills or a disparagement of the parents … Read More