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ABC of Inquiry -Adaptive Thinking

ABC of inquiry – ADAPTIVE THINKING ABC of inquiry – ADAPTIVE THINKING: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” Einstein reminds us that learning not about recall and restating facts, it is about being able to use ideas to adapt and make changes that connect to problems and possibilities in the world beyond the class boundaries. ADAPTIVE THINKING: Survival … Read More

ABC of inquiry -ACTIVE

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ABC of Inquiry -Active

ABC of inquiry -ACTIVE ABC of inquiry -ACTIVE: “I think the most important thing is to keep active and to hope that your mind stays active”  Jane Goodall. Active learning involves the learner having to do something, not just receive information and recall it. Active learning involves being able to make mistakes, see relevance, set ideas, reflect on understandings, argue and debate. ACTIVE: Lets get … Read More

ABC of Inquiry – ACTION

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ABC of Inquiry -Action

ABC of Inquiry – ACTION ABC of Inquiry – ACTION. Teaching and learning have a unique vocabulary, a shared language of understanding. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of the ideas and practices that sit behind the language of learning. Welcome to the the ABC of Inquiry, a dictionary of ideas for teachers, parents and learners. ACTION: … Read More

Power of gender politics – Choosing a school

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Power of Gender Politics

The power of gender politics Learning spaces and environments are political spaces. Subtle actions, tones, images and words can create realities for students in school. These realities influence the identity claims, expression, values and beliefs students hold about themselves. Some of the areas available to this influence include gender, cultural identity, ability and valued social interactions. This list is a brief … Read More

Choosing a school – The Long Term view

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The Long Term View

The Long Term view You and your family will have to consider what you feel comfortable with in terms of expectations of teaching and assessment styles. Choosing a school, means placing your trust in people and a system to do the best for your children. You have to know what ‘the best’ looks like for you, your partner and your … Read More


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Back To School -Madeline Finn and the library dog

Each day we have been reviewing books that support different topics or issues in the classroom. We recently reviewed  ‘Madeline Finn and the Library Dog’ Written and Illustrated by Lisa Papp Published by Old Barn Books. The review and suggested learning activity can be found in our BeConWiz BOOK ROOM, along with lots of other reviews in the Back To School section. … Read More

Student Agency in Learning

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Agency Toucan 2

ABN 11 902 872 865 © 2018 – All Resources, ideas and illustrations are copyrighted Who can? You Can – The Agency Toucan The commitment to ensuring student agency is addressed in IB schools is receiving greater attention in this coming school year. Like all ideas and buzzwords it can appear to be a ‘good’ word and assume all … Read More