Set up containers or large tubs for your child(ren) to add water to and play with. If only have indoor spaces, use the shower or bath, let your child(ren) play in the shower recess or in the bath. The idea is to let your child(ren) experiment with what they can do in and with water and different materials. If you are feeling really brave you can add glitter or food colouring to choices available for the water play.

Parent Tolerance/Energy Level Required

Fun to Moderate


Parent, siblings or peers, can be solo

(Monitor all children for safety around any depth of water)


Indoor (in a bath or shower area)

Outdoor spaces that can wet but not become slippery


Water, containers, small plastic pipes, straws, strainers, plastic cups, food colouring, spray bottles, hand whisks, hand water pumps or large plastic syringes (like those in some children medicine bottles), water toys, things that will float or sink, things to fill/empty.


Clean up

Moderate to awesome, if it’s a hot day.