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ABC OF INQUIRY – CLASSROOM  “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust
 A classroom is a learning space and the practices used in them will influence the people who spend time in these spaces.
CLASSROOM: A space for possibilities…
In the past a classroom  was a bit like a factory floor, laid out for time efficiency and production of answers. It was regimented and managed by a floor manager. Now teachers have the opportunitto see a classroom as a collaborative learning space, where students generate ideas, pause for reflections and experiment and test ideas in ways that are relevant for them.
Classrooms have now become learning environments that extend beyond four walls, that encompass inside and outside spaces. Instead of the factory model, classrooms are more like incubators for start-up entrepreneurs. If the learning environment is in a physical room, it can have multiple spaces built into it. Collaborative meeting spaces, desks and learning spaces that move to meet the needs of the inquirers and tasks, no defined front or back to the room.
The learning space becomes like a busy town centre moving, adapting and changing as the citizens needs change. The layout, setup, displays and organisation can be collaborative, in which students have a say in how to develop and establish a relevant and constructive learning space.  It is not a factory floor connected to churning out of answer products, rather it is a collaborative centre where its members can develop, process ideas, attitudes and skills that will serve them well outside the walls and boundaries of the learning space.

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